Get it Right Get it Tight

Fitness Gear Guaranteed to Get. You. Moving!




Ever have one of those days where the only reason you workout is to rock your new gym gear?  Ditto, my friend.  Here are nine of my fitness faves that would totally give my workouts a little kick in the rear.

1.  Yurbuds: These babies are nothing like the freebies thrown in with your iphone, they stay put through even the sweatiest workouts. ($30)
2.  Zella Headband: The no-slip inside makes this headband perfect for keeping flyways away. ($7)
3.  S’Well Water Bottle: This bottle keeps your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours.  Plus, a portion of their proceeds go to charities like WaterAid and Drink Up. ($25)

1.  Unit-Y Racerback Tank: I mean, this one is really self explanatory. ($13)
2.  Under Armour Jacket: These jackets are a staple in my wardrobe (in and out of the gym) when the weather gets chilly. ($75)
3.  Under Armour Tee: Support breast cancer, feel like a warrior. ($30)

1.  Nike Dri-Fit Pants: These super sporty pants still have a feminine feel AND they wick away sweat. ($75)
2.  Zella Capris: These are the most comfy yoga/workout/hangout pants ever. I’m actually wearing a pair right this second. ($48)
3.  Nike Dri-Fit Shorts: I love this pattern, and these shorts fit like a charm. ($45)


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