Baked Corn Dogs

Corndog Cover

Happy Fun Food Friday!
So now that it’s October, there are some big things going on in Dallas. And by big, I mean “Everything is Bigger in Texas, Big”….drum roll please….

the Texas State Fair is in full swing y’all.

There’s an auto show, a petting zoo, rides galore, but my favorite part?

corn dogs
You may remember from this post how much I don’t love fried foods.  So  one of my lovely friends passed on a recipe to me that I dearly treasure.  BAKED corn dogs.  Hooray!

I used this recipe and made only one adjustment: instead of poppy seeds, I used a mixture of salt, paprika, and cayenne pepper.  These bad boys are tasty, but they definitely need mustard/ketchup/hot sauce…pick your poison….to add a bit more flavor.

But I can’t hold that against them, because honestly, fried corn dogs don’t have much flavor either.

Corndog 1{first you knead the dough and then let it rise for about an hour – I put mine in the warm oven so it would rise faster, because when it comes to corn dogs, I don’t like to wait}

corndog 8{while the dough is rising, prepare your corn dogs for the magicalness that is about to ensue}

corndog 2 {when the dough is ready, grab your rolling pin and get to work.  note – I don’t always use a rolling pin, but when I do, I make sure the dough is the exact same color as my table}

corndog 3{then, slice up your (table colored) dough with a pizza cutter}

corndog 9{roll up your hot dogs until, hooray, they’re corn dogs!}

corndog 6{and that’s that. time to eat.}

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