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Breakfast for Dinner Deep Bowl

deep bowl title
Breakfast for dinner.  Mother may I?  One my favorite spots to eat in Dallas, Company Cafe, puts together a hodgepodge of magicalness to construct a dish that they refer to as the deep bowl.  I set out to create my own version.  Let me take you through my journey.

Deep Bowl

sweet potato hash
ground beef (I used a meatless crumble)
over easy egg
hot sauce/salsa

deep bowl 2{this is what happens when you try to peel a potato with a dull peeler after a very long day…the skin has extra nutrition anyways}

deep bowl 3{next you cut up all of your semi-peeled potatoes into small chunks and boil them until they’re soft}

I chose to go with a meatless crumble instead of a meat because I had been wanting to try out a brand I was introduced to in Chicago, called Quorn.  Quorn offers meat substitutes made with a Mycroprotein that resembles the taste and texture of meat.  These crumbles are also soy free for those of you with a soy allergy.

deep bowl 13{you can flavor the crumbles however you want – I went with jalapenos, paprika, salt, and pepper}

deep bowl 6{once you get your first two layers ready, it’s time to cook the egg}

deep bowl 10{let me present to you, the deep bowl – pictures don’t do it justice – it’s really freaking good}

deep bowl 12{I like to mush mine all together in a very civilized way}


3 thoughts on “Breakfast for Dinner Deep Bowl

    • Most meat substitute brands (e.g. MorningStar, Boca, Gardenburger, etc.) offer some sort of crumble as an alternative for ground beef. In order to resemble the look and feel of meat, the products often include a textured vegetable protein (usually soy based). Instead of the textured vegetable protein, Quorn created a Mycroprotein that’s in the fungi family. It’s high in protein and fiber and low in fat and saturated fat.


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