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How to Motivate Yourself to Get Moving

A few days ago I went for a run and let’s just say, I never got that runners high, or even a runners medium-high.  It was a runners low.  Very, very low.

I kept having flashbacks to that scene in Girls when Hannah goes running with Adam…

So it got me thinking about how to get motivated for a workout when:

Reasons to Not Workout
But here’s what we need to remember.  For every reason to skip a workout, there’s a reason to NOT skip a workout.  That’s why your head is so busy trying to justify bumming.  Am I right, or am I right?

Now, let me super duper clear here: Do I think it’s necessary to get in a butt-kicking, dripping in sweat, muscle screaming workout in every single day? No thank you, I do not.  Tough workouts are important, but your body needs time to RECOVER.  By recover I mean an active recovery.  Move, but don’t push yourself to exhaustion.  Got it?  Wonderful.  Back to motivation.

There are probably (at least) some days where you’re pumped to head to the gym, or hit the tennis courts, or go for a swim, or whatever floats your boat.  However, I imagine that every once in a while you may feel like you’re dragging yourself to make a move.

Here are my tips to motivate yourself to get moving.

Motivation Ideas 1

{Some of my favorite motivators – making it to the top of a climb, beer at the finish line of the tough mudder, my pup is always down for a run walk, the incline at pike’s peak in Manitou Springs}

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