Slap Yo’ Momma Nutella Cookies

Nutella Cover
I can’t believe it’s Fun Food Friday already.  I’ve been studying my butt off this week, and there’s one activity above all others that helps de-stress this little lady.  Lucky for you, it’s….

baking cookies
I was all set to showcase my absolute favorite cookie to bake, (not to mention it’s one that I feel pretty confident I’ve mastered): chocolate chip cookies.  But then I was scanning through Pinterest and found this recipe that my sister pinned.  The best ever chocolate chip cookies will have to wait…

This guy has nutella.  It has chocolate chips.  It has white chocolate chips.  I mean, what more could you ask for.  Oh vanilla extract and brown sugar?  It has those too.
Let’s get started.

nutella 1{just your basic “wet” cookie ingredients…oh wait??!!? what’s that magical chocolate blob? nutella? you bet your britches it is.}

nutella 2{throw in your flour, baking soda, cornstarch, and salt}

nutella 3{add those chocolate and white chocolate chips, mix together, and hello there!}

nutella 4{try a spoonful, or two…juuuuust to be sure that they’re edible}

nutella 5{roll into balls before you pop them in the fridge – I almost missed this step}

Does that dog remind you of anyone?

not impressed{yeah, me too…not impressed}

Here comes the hard part: this dough needs to be refrigerated for at least 2 hours.  Yeah, I know…
It may be smart to grab another spoonful to tide yourself over.

nutella 7{then pop them in the oven for about 8 minutes at 350 degree F, and try not to slap yo’ momma while eating those outrageously tasty cookies}


2 thoughts on “Slap Yo’ Momma Nutella Cookies

  1. I was hoping, by reading the title, these had Slap Yo’ Mamma cajun seasoning in them. Don’t know how that would of worked out but I just knew if you were posting it, then the cookies would be legit &deeeelicious!! 🙂 These look yummy too!


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