Things I'm Diggin' Lately

Things I’m Diggin’ Lately

Things I'm Diggin Lately 5

1. If you need a laugh, you must (re)watch these scenes from Friends where Joey tries to learn French. (

2. You know I love a challenge…2 weeks to a 5 minute plank.  Yes please! (

3. I’ve been known to kill a houseplant or two (or three) in my day, but these super cute planter covers are new inspiration to give it one more try.  (

4. The word on the street is that it increases brain power, controls appetite, and boosts energy; but butter and oil BEFORE breakfast? Heck, I’m willing to try almost anything once…cheers to bulletproof coffee.  (

5. Check out these DIY split-end treatments to help keep your hair looking healthier for longer, leading to increased time in between scissor sessions at the salon. (

6. Starbucks started serving their fall flavored drinks weeks ago, so why not jump on the bandwagon too? These pumpkin spice macaroons sound like the perfect way to get your season started. (

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