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St. Lucia, No Problem Man

st lucia cover 2
It’s been a few years since I’ve vacationed at the beach, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to spend last week in St. Lucia.   We “house hopped” via airbnb in order to have an opportunity to explore the island on our own and really get a feel for the ins and outs of the country.  Each day was a new adventure filled with activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and my favorite, stand up paddle boarding.  We drove through pretty much every city on the island and spent a few nights up north in Gros Islet and a few nights down south in Soufriere.  There are very few rules (if any) on the island (e.g. no speed limits, drinking and driving is encouraged, and taking your clothes off in public is “no problem”) so the free spirit lifestyle was a slight, but welcome, adjustment.  On the island, the people live off the land and in the cities they require very few of the luxuries that we consider basics home in the USA like air conditioning and gas stations that are open 24/7.  The trip made me aware that while I appreciate the security that comes with enforced laws and having a steady job…

…it’s important to remember to take the time to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings;
and that going with the flow can lead to adventures that you may otherwise never discover.

Here’s a peek into our trip.

st lucia 10{sandy beach is steps away from the airport, so this was our first and last beach of the trip; it’s gorgeous, windy, and less crowded than other beaches}

st lucia 23{one of my favorite views of the city from above at sunset}

st lucia 35{the infamous fruit boat: the more fruit you buy, the less likely this guy’s boat will sink}

st lucia mud bath{sulpher springs mud bath put my mud masks back home to shame; note -this is actually the wrong mud, they gave us the right mud after we had completely covered ourselves in this}

st lucia food 1{friday night street party in Gros Islet where the dancing, booze, and food is all serious business}

st lucia 22{the island company tank that makes me want to “vaca all the time”}

st lucia 25{just a casual stroll through Texas St. Lucia streets}

st lucia 27{this guy taught us the proper way to eat a papaya; note: I really dislike papaya}

st lucia 21{we spent the day at Anse Mimen, aka Burger Island, and had almost the entire beach to ourselves}

st lucia coconut{fresh coconut milk thanks to the super adorable coconut man at sugar beach}

st lucia food{some of the best (and the cheapest) Caribbean food we had on the trip at Flavours of the Grill in Gros Islet}

st lucia peton{the petit piton in soufriere}

st lucia 1{pretty impressed by this beach sunset gem of a photo}

Note: we managed to snag super cheap round trip flights using this site.

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