S’mores Brownie Bites

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Happy Fun Food Friday! Now that it’s September, I’m starting to feel the leaves crunching under my feet, the breeze on my face, and the….oh who am I kidding? I live in Texas. I’m lucky if I even feel that in December.  Since it’s still too hot here to go camping, I’m bring the best part of camping, S’MORES (duh) to the kitchen.  I used this recipe to create a tiny taste of my go-to camp fire snack.

These little treats are fun and easy to make, and they beat exploding a marshmallow in the microwave by a landslide.

Smores 5

{step one: melt butter and stir in half of the chocolate chips}

Smores 7

{next, add in sugar, eggs, vanilla, and flour}

smores picstitch-2{then, put a spoonful into each mini muffin cup and “s’mush” a couple marshmallows on top}

Smores 8

{graham cracker demolition}

Smores 11

{finally, sprinkle the tops with your graham cracker crumbs}

Smores 12

{look ma! no potholders; #livingontheedge}

smores picstitch-1{these are legitimately bites, maybe even bite}

Finally it’s time to eat these tiny suckers and sing kumbaya. Oh wait, ninja warrior is on? I’ll just watch that instead…


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