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6 thoughts on “Q of the Week: Grocery Shopping 101

  1. Thanks Carly and Onhel! What veggies are currently in season?
    My go-to foods each week are also Greek yogurt & blueberries, and I also buy bananas, chicken breast and string cheese.


  2. Greek yogurt and eggs are my go to foods. When I’m short on time, scrambled egg whites with veggies makes an quick, easy and yummy lunch or dinner.

    I definitely need to plan better at the grocery store though. I really want to increase the variety of healthy dinners I am preparing for my family.

    Any tips on getting my super picky daughter and meat crazy bf to embrace lighter / healthier dinner options?


    • With kids AND meat loving bfs, the best bet is to introduce them to a variety of foods in a safe way. So start with something you know they’ll eat, like meat, or mac&cheese. Then also offer veggies that they have to at least TRY. Or, incorporate healthy foods into their favorite foods. Try stuffing a chicken breast with spinach and a little goat cheese, or mixing in fresh veggies with pasta. Hope this helps.


  3. This is very helpful! I think part of my biggest issue is that I never plan. I’ll also start talking to the butcher; I never even thought about that before. Thanks Carly!


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