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Sushi, Shall We?

VERY new concept for me

VERY new concept for me

Last week something strange happened…when my friends and I were picking a place for dinner, I suggested sushi.  This may sound unimpressive, but I’ve only been eating SEAFOOD for a couple months, let alone RAW salmon, eel, fish eggs, etc…


While the incorporation of seafood has been a slow progression in my diet, I love that I’ve broadened my horizons and not to mention, finally conquered chopsticks!

sushi again

I would love to hear how your tastes have changed as you’ve gotten older.  Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Sushi, Shall We?

  1. I’m not a seafood fan either, but I too have recently developed a love if sushi! I’ve also really started craving veggies…maybe my tastebuds are finally growing up!

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  2. I have progressed from a predominately meat and cooked food way of eating to being 90% vegetarian and raw on top of that. I still eat cooked chicken and seafood but only in the evenings. I don’t miss any of the cooked meats and other cooked foods.


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