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Mother Knows Best

Today my mom turns another year older, and therefore, another year wiser.  I feel like it’s only appropriate to pass on some of my favorite advice my mom has given me throughout the years.

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Top 3 Lessons I Learned from My Mother

  1. Family meals are a must, even if you choose not to eatFamily dinners every night (no TVs allowed!) and pancake breakfasts every Sunday were a staple at my house growing up.  Around junior high I decided that I’d prefer to eat “better” food at my friends’ houses, so I would sit through family dinner without eating, do the dishes when everyone was finished, and then go to a friend’s house to eat.  As a nutritionist now, I’m very aware of the importance of family dinners and the difference they make on healthy eating and open communication.
  2. Air is not the friend of cheeseThis may not sound like an important lesson, but after one too many blocks of fancy cheese growing mold before it’s “time,” my mom laid down the law for my sister and I.  You will never see cheese go wasted in my kitchen due to improper storage.  I’ve also grown incredibly aware that air is not the friend of homemade cookies either.
  3. Work hard, play hardMy mom is all about well deserved rewards.  After a long day at work, she is happiest relaxing with a glass of wine.  Vacations are a MUST for this lady.  Even shopping trips (which are torture for her) are usually rewarded with a cookie.  She makes it very clear that hard work is important, but so is stopping every once in a while and realizing that you’ve done a good job, and now, it’s time to play.
What a gem!

What a gem!

I would love to hear about one of your favorite lessons from your mom.

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