Random Thoughts

Pretty Plate

I had the opportunity during the past month to work with the extremely talented sports dietitian, Amy Culp, RD, CSSD, LD. Amy is the staff dietitian for the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em!) and works with all of the Longhorn athletes.  One of her (MANY) roles is to spend time with the UT football players at team dinner each night.  This provides a chance for Amy to educate the players about the role of food as fuel for their training.

Oftentimes I would hear Amy describe the athletes’ selected food as PRETTY.  Watching these huge guys get excited about choosing PRETTY food choices was amusing, but also impressive.  They understand that what they eat during the day affects how they play and train for the next day.  Who would have guessed….?

A PRETTY plate consists of colorful and nutritious foods that provide carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  Although everyone has different food preferences, anyone can create their own personal version of a pretty plate.


This probably looks a little different than what you may normally eat for lunch, but for an injured football player working towards recovery, this is just right, and of course…PRETTY.

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